The island of Waiheke lays 20 kms east of Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf, belonging to the North Island of New Zealand. It is the largest of the forty or so islands within the Gulf and has 96 kms of coastline. Initially named Te Motuarairoa - the long sheltering land - Waiheke's modern name means "cascading waters" a reference to the waterfall located within the Whakanewha Regional Park.

Waiheke is about 92 square kms in area, measuring 25 kms long and 20 kms across at its widest point. The island comprises of 9,324 hectares and approximately 43 kms of beaches, 24 kms of tidal flats.

Rich in natural beauty Waiheke's coastline unfolds to reveal stunning white and golden sand beaches, rocky foreshores and estuaries rich in native bird life. You'll lose ten years the moment you step ashore on Waiheke Island - a magical Island paradise just 35 minutes from Auckland. Easily accessed by ferry.

Waiheke's beautiful beaches and native forest reserves harmonize delightfully with the cafes, vineyards and art studios. The Island has a maritime climate - warm temperatures, less humidity, less rain and more sunshine than Auckland.

Although Waiheke is a stones throw away from the biggest city in New Zealand, the view of the Pacific from Oneroa is uninterrupted by any other larger island until it halts at Chile. At the Eastern end of the Island is Stony Batter, the site of World War II gun emplacements, strategically placed to defend Auckland against possible invasion.

This island is perfect for a day's shopping and wine tasting, or several days of indulgent relaxation, especially in one of Waiheke Unlimited's fine holiday homes.

Waiheke is renowned for its burgeoning wine industry, unique and exclusive accommodation and for the many prominent New Zealand artists who have chosen to make it their home. Almost anything is possible on Waiheke, from horse riding and farm tours to sea kayaking and mountain biking.

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